Yaela Heart Stretching in Yoga Pants

yaela heart stretching in yoga pants 2

Yaela Heart Stretching in Yoga Pants

If you haven't heard of Yaela Heart before, you might want to take note of her name. We think she's going to be a household name before too long. Yaela calls herself the "Queen of Stretching". She's a popular Instagram and YouTube dancer, fitness, and fashion model. She was born in the Netherlands but now currently resides in Spain. The men of Spain are so lucky, aren't they?

We are quite taken with her here at Girls in Yoga Pants Pics headquarters. She's a fitness enthusiast and she's got the rocking body to prove it. We've got a collection of Yaela photos in several different yoga pants.

Our favorite, hands down? Yaela in her black yoga pants. Just wow. Her ass is purely spectacular. It looks those yoga pants were liquid and they just molded into every curve and crevice of that perfectly made body. The black yoga pants almost look latex-like, don't they?

As much as we like her in the white yoga pants, our second favorite is her in yellow. Her butt is made for the yellow. Look how firm, round, and bounceable it looks. What's we'd give to be in the gym at the same time as her. Or be behind her in the road just to watch that beautiful ass bounce.

What's your favorite look on Yaela? Is it the black leggings like us? We're curious to know

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