Yaela Heart See Thru Pants

yaela heart see thru pants 2

Yaela Heart stretching in see through yoga pants

In our last post, we featured Yaela Heart for the first time on our site. This post today won't be the last either. We love Yaela! She's one of the most flexible, stretchy women we've ever had the pleasure of setting our eyes on. We can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy seeing her in anything she chooses to wear.

In this Yaela collection, we bring you a wide variety of different color yoga pants in several positions that show off just why she calls herself the "Queen of Stretching". The yoga pants she wears in all are all stretchy enough to be able to see other glorious aspects of her banging body.

Look at those sexy, smooth peekaboo butt cheeks. Her butt is so smooth, firm, and perfect. We're all just stunned by her stretching prowess in the photo with her pink leggings. Our absolute favorite out of this sweet batch has to be the orange stirrup leggings as she opens those firm, toned legs out wide. We love it best because you can see cameltoe and we love that here. Never enough cameltoe in our opinions. Also, the sheer white sports bra is hot. You can see the mounds of her breasts and some sweet nipples.

What's your favorite out of these? Should we feature more Yaela? Let us know


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