Jeannie Mai in Yoga Pants

Jeannie Mai Cameltoe

Jeannie Mai in Yoga Pants

Jeannie Mai is a beautiful fashion stylist and television host. She's well known for The Real, Today, Insider, and Extra TV. In recent years, she's been busy with her TV show How Do I Look and was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. She even has an Emmy that she shares with her fellow co-hosts of The Real for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. We sure agree with that win! She's a delight to watch.

Jeannie was a wonderful dancer and competitor on Dancing with the Stars' 29th season. In the beginning, we thought that she was going to win the competition because of her grace, style, beauty, and great dancing. I mean, come on, was there going to be a real competition between her and Carole Baskin? However, a win wasn't to be as she was forced off the show because of medical issues. Jeannie, we at Girls in Yoga Pants Pics think that you were robbed and hope you appear in a future season. We want to keep watching you dance.

In personal news, Jeannie Mai recently got engaged to her rapper boyfriend, Jeezy. We wish them much success in love.

As for yoga pants, Jeannie Mai should just live in them 24/7. Her body is perfect for yoga pants and leggings. She's got such slim powerful legs and they look so smooth and soft encased in buttery fabric. In yoga pants, Mai has such a hot bubble butt. The yellow of the yoga pants Mai has on in the pictures perfectly goes with her skin tone. It also makes her stand out from the crowd. The green crop shirt also brings your eye up to notice her smooth midriff. While we also love the picture with the black yoga pants and red high heels (so hot)--there is just something about her butt in those yellow leggings. Yellow is your color, Mai.

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